Sterling Silver Jewelry Time

Have you ever thought about hosting a Sterling Silver Jewelry Party with 

The Jewelry Store- Jackie Littlejohn?

What I will do:

* Customized you a flyer for this event to distribute:

Social media Facebook Instagram

Text  E-mail Etc.

*Host and display the jewelry on Facebook live, answer any questions your friends may have,

 ship all orders within 1 to 2 days.

* You will receive $100.00 in Free Jewelry.

*you will receive a Free Handbag of your choice, once 15 of your Facebook friends share the live video

*You will receive an additional 20% off your Jewelry for the next 1 hour after the show ends

*You do not need to clean or get your house ready or buy food for this gathering.  Just tell as many people as possible, remind them, share my Facebook link before and during the show-that’s it!

What you need to do:

*Send out the flyer through;

Social media,  Facebook,    Instagram,

Text,    E-mail,   Etc.

*Your focus is to make sure your guest share the video as soon as they get on the show.

*The day of the party, send out a reminder through;

Social media,   Facebook,    Instagram,

Text,    E-mail,    Etc.

Please be sure to include my Facebook link:

If this is something you can do, Lets schedule a date for your show

Jackie Littlejohn- The Jewelry Store


[email protected]